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LightTrans User Meetup | 28 April
VirtualLab Fusion Webinar | 20 April

LightTrans User Meetup

Interferometric Setups and Applications – Modeling & Analysis

Take part in our next LightTrans User Meetup! This time we will focus on interferometric setups.

Interferometer-based optical setups play an important role in modern applications like optical metrology. Such setups often consist of multi-disciplinary optical components. Due to the complexities and effects of interest, this necessitates accurate and efficient ways of performing the modeling of the system. For this purpose, VirtualLab Fusion applies Field Tracing, which is a simulation approach fully based on physical optics and founded on a fully electromagnetic representation of light. Hence it automatically includes the coherence and polarization effects which are of major interest for modern interferometers.

VirtualLab Fusion Webinar

Exploring VirtualLab Fusion

In this webinar we are going to take a very relaxed approach and simply put some time aside to play around with the physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion, to get a taste of what its fast physical optics technology can do!

One of our engineers will sit down with a VirtualLab Fusion session open and showcase some of its coolest features during the webinar. You can expect to see:

» Cool experiments!
» Basic workflows in VirtualLab Fusion
» Tips and tricks for working with the software

Register for our meetup!

Register for our meetup!