Resonant Waveguide Gratings

A resonant waveguide grating, which is made up of a thin waveguide film in contact with a grating, shows great potential in different applications due to its high optical tunability. With the Fourier modal method (FMM, or RCWA) in VirtualLab Fusion, we analyze the response of such gratings. In the example below, the parameter coupling feature is used to help define the parameters under investigation in a relative manner. Furthermore, the resonant modes within the grating structures are computed as well to study the working principle of such devices.  

Rigorous Analysis of Resonant Waveguide Gratings

We apply the Fourier modal method (FMM) in VirtualLab Fusion to analyze resonant waveguide gratings rigorously.

Coupling of Parameters in VirtualLab Fusion

The Parameter Coupling feature of VirtualLab Fusion can be used to define the coupling of different parameters in an arbitrary optical setup, which helps create complex relationships among these parameters.

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