Propagation through Multimode Fibers

Multimode fibers are an integral part of most optical communication technologies. For a sound modeling of such structures, accurate propagation of the fiber modes and their interference is necessary. In VirtualLab Fusion it is possible to use Bessel and Laguerre Polynomials to describe the fiber modes, for single-core fibers as well as graded-index ones. The resulting modes can then also be propagated while considering additional effects like e.g. atmospheric turbulence.

LP Fiber Mode Calculator

The Fiber Mode Calculator can be used to calculate linearly polarized (LP) propagation modes in a step-index fiber with a single core or a graded-index fiber with an infinite parabolic profile.

Few-Mode Fiber Coupling under Atmospheric Turbulence

In this use case, we reproduce the experiments of Zheng et al. [Opt. Express 24 (2016)] to explore the effects of atmospheric turbulence on the coupling efficiency between the free-space optical beam and few-mode fibers. 

Check out all new Applications in VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1

Check out all new Applications in VirtualLab Fusion 2021.1