Propagation through Microlens Arrays

With the advent of modern technologies specialized optical components like microlens arrays (MLAs) get more and more attention. Especially in the field of optical projection systems, material processing units and optical diffusers microlens arrays have seen common usage. In VirtualLab Fusion such systems can be set up and simulated using a new MLA component introduced in the latest release, allowing a thorough investigation of the transmitted field in the near field behind the microlens component as well as in the far field and focal region.

Investigation of Propagated Light behind a Microlens Array

This use case investigates light behind a microlens array. Effects in the near field, focal plane and far field are shown and discussed.

Advanced Simulation of Microlens Arrays

This use case explains the configuration and usage of the Microlens Array component in VirtualLab Fusion.

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Save Your Spot for our Online Training on Gratings!