Programming Custom Sources

Sources are yet another extensively customizable module in VirtualLab Fusion: you can adjust at will their wavelength spectrum, spatial coherence properties, transversal shape, and polarization, among others. Of all those, let us at present concentrate on the last two. You can find below a thorough tutorial on the Programmable Light source (which includes a detailed hands-on example) for you to follow, should you wish to learn to program your own sources. Additionally, we offer another example, in a more condensed format, that illustrates how to generate radially and azimuthally polarized light via programming.

Programmable Light Source

This tutorial will give you the instructions you need to program your own sources in VirtualLab!

Programming Radially & Azimuthally Polarized Sources

See how to create a radially and an azimuthally polarized source, experimenting in the process with the programming of light sources and the potential of the Combined Light Source feature.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version