Programming Custom Functions

In our previous newsletter we already pointed to VirtualLab Fusion’s extremely modular nature, combined with its potential for customizability, as one of the fundamental strengths of the software, and went on to highlight programmable surfaces as just one instance thereof. We continue here in the same vein, only this time we move on to transmission functions: a well-known concept from Fourier optics – further enhanced by VirtualLab’s fully vectorial, electromagnetic approach – transmission functions constitute a good way to include idealized components in your optical system. Learn, with the help of the tutorial and examples listed below, how to program your own custom functions in VirtualLab Fusion!

Programmable Function

Follow the instructions of this tutorial to learn how to program custom transmission functions in VirtualLab Fusion, along the example of an idealized cylindrical lens.

Programming an Axicon Transmission Function

Refine your VirtualLab programming knowledge with this additional example of an axicon transmission function.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version