Polarization-Dependent Gratings

Gratings, especially those with sub-wavelength structures, are known to be sensitive to the polarization of light. Such behavior can be detrimental; but it can also be made use of. For example, we construct a polarization-sensitive diffraction grating, following the work of J. Wüster et al., and show its properties in VirtualLab Fusion. Another typical example is to exploit the polarization dependence to make wire-grid polarizers.

Polarization-Dependent Binary Resonant Gratings

We construct a binary grating with sub-wavelength structure following the principle of form birefringence and demonstrate its polarization-dependent properties.

Ultra-Sparse Dielectric Nano-Wire Grid Polarizers

The polarization-dependent properties of ultra-sparse dielectric nanowire grids are analyzed by using the Fourier modal method (FMM, also known as RCWA).

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