Parametric Optimization

Parametric optimization is an indispensable and important step in optical design. It can help refine and improve the system to ensure that the specifications of the task are fulfilled, and that the desired performance is achieved. The fast physical optics modeling and design software VirtualLab Fusion includes an in-built parametric optimization feature, which of course works on the basis of the different simulation engines available (both ray and field tracing), as required by the design task. The selection of off-the-shelf detectors and analyzers that come with the software provide many of the most common merit functions, with additional customization possible through programming.

Introduction to the Parametric Optimization Document

VirtualLab Fusion provides three local and one global optimization algorithm. This use case introduces the associated Parametric Optimization document with its options and settings.

Rigorous Analysis and Design of Anti-Reflective Moth-Eye Structures

With the Fourier modal method and the parametric optimization in VirtualLab Fusion, we demonstrate the analysis and design of anti-reflective moth-eye structures.

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