Panel-Type Source and Its Use in Imaging System Analysis

Modern display devices (LCD) are widely used in different optical systems, e.g. image projection systems.

The panel-type source in VirtualLab can be used to model the light generated by such display devices conveniently. In order to configure the source a specific number of pixels and pixel pitch can be set. With the help of the panel-type source, the performance of the projection lenses can be analyzed, by e.g. observing the spot grid distortion in the image plane, or by checking the angular/direction behavior of the system.

Modeling of an Image Projection System Based on Panel-Type Display

An image projection system is set up using the panel-type source. The performance of the system is evaluated by observing the spot grid in the spatial and angular domain.

How to Set Up a Panel-Type Source

With the panel-type source in VirtualLab it is possible to model a pixelated display, and further provides an adjustable number of pixels and pixel pitch.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version