Multi-Parameter Sweep

VirtualLab Fusion provides various tools to make simulation workflows easier. A very important one among them is the Parameter Run, which sweeps over different value ranges for multiple parameters in an optical setup automatically. You can choose any parameter to vary, either physical values or numerical parameters, and check their influence on the result. Especially for the case of multiple parameters, different configuration modes of the Parameter Run are available: check all possible parameter combinations using the scanning mode; define a specific combination in the programmable/standard mode, or in a random manner, as the need may arise.

Scanning Mode of Parameter Run

The scanning mode of the Parameter Run document generates a simulation series of all combinations of specified parameter variations and provides specifically suited output options.

Programmable Parameter Run

In VirtualLab Fusion, the variation of parameters in an optical system is freely customizable using the programmable mode of the Parameter Run feature. We use a specific example to illustrate the application of this programmable mode.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version