Modeling of Graded-Index Media

In optics, several effects like air turbulence or thermal effects in lasers may cause modulations in the refractive index which lead to so-called graded-index (GRIN) media.

This type of media can be useful in certain applications, e.g. flat lens, reducing aberrations and fibers. The modeling of light propagation through GRIN media is therefore important for practical optical simulations and design. In VirtualLab Fusion an efficient modeling technology has been implemented which is suitable in the cases of e.g. GRIN lens and GRIN fiber modeling.

Construction and Modeling of a Graded-Index Lens

VirtualLab allows for the specification of a graded-index lens in a very user-friendly way. In addition, such index-modulated lenses can be analyzed by ray tracing as well as by field tracing.

Export Systems and Components into STL & IGES Format

A fast approach for light propagation through a GRIN medium, which includes the polarization crosstalk effect, is implemented and its validity and advantages are shown in comparison to a rigorous solver.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version