Modeling of Optical Etalons

Optical etalons, in the simple structure of a transparent plate, can form Fabry-Pérot resonators and therefore be used for spectral and/or angular selection. The non-sequential field tracing technique in VirtualLab Fusion enables the accurate modeling of different types of etalons, with either planar or curved surfaces and coatings. As a typical application, we demonstrate the optical setup for the examination of sodium D lines with an etalon as the key component.

Modeling of Etalon with Planar or Curved Surfaces

We set up optical etalons with both planar and curved surfaces. With the non-sequential field tracing technique, the differences in the interference fringes are investigated.

Examination of Sodium D Lines with Etalon

An optical metrology system with a silica-spaced etalon is set up to measure the sodium D lines in VirtualLab Fusion, and the influence from the coating reflectance is investigated.

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Download free trial version