Modeling of Microlens Arrays and Diffraction at Apertures

Microlens arrays can be found in different applications, such as imaging, wavefront sensing, and so on.

With the physical-optics simulation technique in VirtualLab, the working principle of the microlens array, e.g. in the case of wavefront sensing, can be clearly demonstrated, and the performance of such systems can be evaluated efficiently. It is also worth mentioning that the diffraction effect from the edge of the individual microlenses can be taken into consideration in the simulation.

Modeling of Microlens Arrays with Different Lens Shapes

The imaging properties of a microlens array with different lens shapes are investigated. Change of the focal spots with respect to aberration of input field is demonstrated.

Advanced PSF & MTF Calculation for System with Rectangular Aperture

By placing a rotated rectangular aperture behind input fields with different sizes, the PSF and MTF in the focal plane are investigated.

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Download free trial version