Mie Solution for Scattering with a Spherical Particle

Scattering of light is one of the most fundamental effects in optics. For those cases with scattering particles whose size is comparable to the wavelength of the light, e.g., liquid droplets or gaseous contaminants in the air, an exact treatment is required to produce an accurate enough model. The Mie solution, also known as the Lorenz-Mie solution, or Mie scattering, has been enabled in VirtualLab Fusion for the investigation of the scattering properties of a spherical particle. As an example, scattering by a particle made of either a dielectric or a metallic material is simulated, and both situations are then compared.

Mie Solution to Maxwell’s Equations for Scattering

With the Mie solution for an electromagnetic plane wave in VirtualLab Fusion, we investigate the scattering effect of spherical particles with different radii and made of different materials.

Electromagnetic Field Interaction with Nanocylinders

With the perfectly matched layers (PMLs) technique, the interaction between a focused Gaussian beam and nanocylinders with varying diameters is investigated.

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Download free trial version