Michelson Interferometer and Optical Metrology

Since the famous Michelson-Morley experiment in 1887, the Michelson interferometer and its variations have continued to play an important role in optical research. Nowadays, one can still often find optical systems configured in the form of a Michelson interferometer, for example, in coherent scanning interferometry. With VirtualLab Fusion, especially with the help of non-sequential field tracing, we show the working principle of a white-light Michelson interferometer, and demonstrate how it can be applied for optical metrology.

Michelson Interferometer

A Michelson interferometer with a Xenon lamp source is modeled with the spectral properties of the source, i.e. limited coherence length, fully considered.

Optical Topography Scanning Interferometry

With a low-coherence Xenon lamp source, a Michelson interferometer is built up for precise scanning of the surface profile of a given specimen.

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Download free trial version