Metasurface Building Blocks

Metalenses and metasurfaces have risen to scientific fame by virtue of their unique properties for manipulation of electromagnetic fields. Thanks to recent advances in nanofabrication technologies, their manufacture has also become feasible. A key step in the design of metasurfaces is finding the appropriate building blocks that make up the surface. With the Fourier modal method (FMM, also known as RCWA) in VirtualLab Fusion, one can perform a rigorous analysis of such nanostructures, with access to the full electromagnetic information. As an example, the performance of nanopillars with varying diameters is evaluated.

Rigorous Analysis of Nanopillar Metasurface Building Block

With the rigorous Fourier modal method (FMM), we analyze the effects, especially the phase modulation, of nanopillar structures with varying diameters – the building blocks of metalenses.

Configuration of Grating Structures with 2D Periodicity

In VirtualLab Fusion, complex 3D grating structures can be configured by using so-called stacks. This use case is focused on the configuration of grating structures which exhibit two-dimensional periodicity.

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Download free trial version