Metagratings for Large-Angle Beam Splitting

Dot-projection optical elements can be found in an ever-growing number of devices, like in the LiDAR of Apple’s new iPad Pro with depth-detecting capability. A beam-splitting grating plays a crucial role in these applications, and the design of such gratings for non-paraxial cases is challenging. Metagratings, because of the unique way in which a nanopillar manipulates the electromagnetic field, can provide additional design possibilities. We demonstrate how such gratings can be constructed, modeled, and optimized in VirtualLab Fusion.

Design of 2D Non-Paraxial Beam-Splitting Metagrating

We design a 2D metagrating for beam splitting. The metagrating is constructed, analyzed, and further optimized in VirtualLab Fusion, especially in terms of the uniformity of the diffraction efficiencies.

Metagrating Construction – Discussion at Examples

Based on selected examples, we show how to construct and configure metagrating structures and materials in VirtualLab Fusion.

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