Meet us in the USA in October

Learn from our optical engineering experts how to use VirtualLab Fusion efficiently.
Register for our hands-on training in Santa Clara and our seminars in Santa Clara & Tucson.

Training in Santa Clara | California
15 – 19 October 2018
Seminar in Santa Clara | California
22 October 2018
Seminar in Tucson | Arizona
26 October 2018

15 – 19 October 2018

Training in Santa Clara | USA

The software training consists of two courses. The 2-day course gives attendees an introduction to the handling and the principles of the innovative optical design methods of VirtualLab. During the 3-day course attendees will develop their skills in modeling and analysis of micro-structured and diffractive optical components with refractive, diffractive and hybrid surfaces.

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22 & 26 October 2018

Seminars "Beyond Ray Tracing"

Discover the fast physical optics concept, how to benefit from it through our user-friendly GUI, and get an overview of what it can provide in a wide-ranging set of applications.

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