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At SPIE Photonics West you can participate in numerous LightTrans events in addition to the opportunity to meet our technical experts and sales representatives for a discussion directly at our booth. Besides our talks and poster presentations, you can get deeper insights in our workshop and seminars.

SPIE Industry Workshop

Modeling and Design of Diffractive and Meta-Lenses with VirtualLab Fusion

6 February | 15:30 – 17:00 | Moscone Center

The workshop will be held in cooperation with Zemax/OpticStudio®. In the first part we will present the binary surface concept in OpticStudio® along with the example of an intraocular lens. After this introduction we will continue with a more in-depth modeling including the real structure of such a lens. One of the highlights is the inclusion of diffractive and meta-lenses in the simulation of optical lens systems. A full fast physical optics simulation by VirtualLab Fusion gives access to all resulting effects, for example higher diffraction orders or foci in intra-ocular lenses.

VirtualLab Fusion Technology and Applications

Interferometry, Microscopy and Fiber Coupling


7 February | 9:00 – 13:00 | 49 Geary Street

Discover the Fast Physical Optics concept with VirtualLab Fusion by means of seminar modules on technology and different applications. After a brief insight into the theory and the different electromagnetic modeling techniques we will discuss the application fields of interferometry, microscopy and fiber coupling. Join a specific module that you are interested in or stay for the lot, according to your preferences.

Beyond Ray Tracing

Innovative Optical Design with Fast Physical Optics


8 February | 9:00 – 16:00 | 49 Geary Street

Modern optical technology has branched out so far from our traditional understanding of lens systems that ray optics often falls short when it comes to simulating and designing cutting-edge optical systems with acceptable accuracy. A software package that yields fast physical optics simulation results alongside ray tracing then becomes, not a choice, but a necessity. This is precisely what VirtualLab Fusion offers: come to our FREE seminar to discover the Fast Physical Optics concept and how to benefit from it through our user-friendly GUI, and to get an overview of what it can achieve in a wide-ranging set of applications!

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Register for our free seminars