Meet us at CLEO

At CLEO you can participate in LightTrans events in addition to the opportunity to meet our technical experts and sales representatives for a discussion directly at our booth. Besides our poster presentation, you can get deeper insights in our seminar.

CLEO, San Jose, CA, USA | 5 – 10 May


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VirtualLab Fusion Technology and Applications

Interferometry, Microscopy and Fiber Coupling


10 May | 09:00 – 13:00 | San Jose Convention Center, Room 214

Discover the Fast Physical Optics concept with VirtualLab Fusion by means of seminar modules on technology and different applications. After a brief insight into the theory and the different electromagnetic modeling techniques we will discuss the application fields of interferometry, microscopy and fiber coupling. Join a specific module that you are interested in or stay for the lot, according to your preferences.

Poster Presentation

Non-Paraxial Polarizer Model Based on Optically Anisotropic Media Theory

9 May | 11:30 – 13:00 | Exhibit Hall, Poster Session Area

We present an idealized polarizer model, based on the fields and modes in optically anisotropic media. The model is derived in the spatial-frequency domain, and the result is presented in a compact 2x2-matrix form.

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Register for our free seminars