Investigation of Fields in Focal Region

It is of importance to understand how the field is evolving during the propagation through the focal region along the optical axis.

In VirtualLab Fusion, with the Parameter Run, it is possible to perform a scan of the field along a succession of planes, and thus to have access to the complete information of the electromagnetic field inside the focal region. Particularly, all eventual vectorial effects due to high-NA focusing are taken into account.

Focus Investigation behind Aspherical Lens

A laser diode with asymmetric divergence and astigmatism is first collimated and then focused. Evolution of the field in the focal region is investigated in detail.

Simulation of Laser Beam in Focal Region of High-NA Asphere

When a linearly polarized beam is focused by a high-NA lens, the focal spot shows asymmetry due to the relatively strong Ez component.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version