Import of Measured Spectra

For any optical system, the light source is a vital part, if not the most crucial element. Finding a model that can replicate the desired and most important physical properties of the source is key for the success of any suitable simulation. In this newsletter, we turn our eye to the case of polychromatic sources, which can give rise to or emphasize dispersion and partial temporal coherence effects.

We illustrate how to import the experimentally measured spectrum of sunlight into VirtualLab Fusion, and how to use it to describe the spectral composition of a source in an optical system. In addition, we demonstrate how to employ the inbuilt Savitzky-Golay filter to smooth potential noise out of imported measured data, which can be a crucial preliminary step when it comes to using experimentally measured data in a simulation.

Importing Measured Sun Spectrum into VirtualLab Fusion

This use case illustrates how to import the measured extraterrestrial sunlight spectrum, and how to subsequently employ said spectrum in an optical system.

Savitzky-Golay Filter Function

This use case demonstrates the usage of the Savitzky-Golay filter in order to smooth out a measured spectrum.

Free Photonics Media Webinar "Trends in Technology" 18.01.2022

Free Photonics Media Webinar "Trends in Technology" 18.01.2022