Highly Efficient Gratings for Ultrashort Pulses

Ultrashort pulses prove helpful in many modern applications. To manipulate ultrashort pulses, especially for high-power cases, gratings are often employed to either stretch or compress the pulses. The design of such gratings needs careful consideration: they should maintain high efficiency over a spectrum band, and sometimes even for random polarization. In VirtualLab Fusion, you can design gratings using FMM/RCWA, insert the gratings into a setup with pulsed laser sources for system performance evaluation. We demonstrate with the examples below.

Stretching or Compression of Ultrashort Pulses with Highly Efficient Transmission Gratings

We demonstrate, according to T. Clausnitzer et al., how to build up a pulse stretching or compression system with two transmission gratings. Especially, we analyze the polarization dependency of such systems.

Analysis and Design of Highly Efficient Polarization Independent Transmission Gratings

We demonstrate how to analyze the polarization-dependent property of binary gratings rigorously, also to optimize the binary structures to obtain high polarization-independent diffraction efficiency.

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