Generation of Non-Diffracting Bessel Beams

Nowadays, Bessel-like beams and similar kinds of non-diffracting beams are not just generated in the lab but have been put to use in different applications. To better exploit such beams, their properties must be studied and understood more deeply. As a typical example, we demonstrate how to generate Bessel beams with an axicon, and, following the research work of O. Brzobohatý et al., we investigate how the round tip of the axicon may influence the resulting Bessel beam.

Bessel Beam Generation from Round-Tip Axicon

We model the generation of Bessel beams with an axicon with a round tip and investigate how the round tip may influence the Bessel beam evolution.

Programmable Function

In this document we explain how to work with the Programmable Function, using the example of a cylindrical lens.

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