Focusing of different types of Gaussian modes by thermal lens

In high-power laser applications one commonly encountered effect is focusing by thermally induced lenses. While usually this effect is detrimental, it can also be used for specific applications. For instance in the field of optical tweezer and particle trapping Ince Gaussian Modes are utilized as their beam profile maintains even when propagated through a focus. With the newly introduced Ince Gaussian Mode Source and the Inhomogeneous Media Component such applications can now also be simulated in VirtualLab Fusion. Moreover, the accurate physical optics propagation techniques, inbuilt in VirtualLab Fusion, enable the detailed analysis of focal regions, especially for different types of Gaussian modes and complex focusing elements like thermal lenses.

Ince Gaussian Beam Focusing

This use case demonstrates the focusing of an Ince-Gaussian mode by a thermal lens, which is modeled by a GRIN (gradient-index) medium.

Gaussian Beam Focused by a Thermal Lens

This example exhibits the variation of the focal length of a thermal lens, as well as the resulting focus beam diameter for different input power settings [W. Koechner, Appl. Opt. 9, 2548–2553 (1970)]. This example is published in [H. Zhong, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 35].

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