Focal Region Investigation

Among the various types of optical components, lenses are probably the most widely used and focusing is possibly the most typical task. Although it might seem trivial, the behavior of light in focal regions can be complex and thus deserving of in-depth investigation. As an example, in the case of focusing with a high-NA objective lens, the focal spot is well known to show asymmetry, and consideration of the vectorial nature of light turns out to be necessary. In VirtualLab, the properties of light in focal region can be thoroughly investigated with the help of different kinds of detectors, and with the ParameterRun function the field evolution through the focal region can be analyzed as well.

Analyzing High-NA Objective Lens Focusing

High-NA objective lenses are widely used in optical lithography, microscopy, etc. Consideration of the vectorial nature of light in the simulation of the focusing is of great importance.

Focus Investigation behind Aspherical Lens

A laser diode with asymmetric divergence and astigmatism is first collimated and then focused. Evolution of the field in the focal region is investigated in detail.

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Download free trial version