Focal Region and Fiber Coupling Tolerance

Detailed analysis and design of an optical system for coupling light into a single-mode fiber rely on the accurate calculation of the field in the focal region. In VirtualLab Fusion, the electromagnetic field information can be calculated on an arbitrary plane of interest, as well as within a longitudinal region, e.g. the focal region. This forms a solid basis for the subsequent calculation of fiber coupling efficiency. The flexible focal region analysis further enables tolerance analysis for such coupling systems with respect to misalignment of the optical components.

Focus Investigation behind Aspherical Lens

A laser diode with asymmetric divergence and astigmatism is first collimated and then focused. Evolution of the field in the focal region is investigated in detail.

Tolerance Analysis of a Fiber Coupling Setup

In a fiber coupling optical setup, the coupling efficiency is analyzed with respect to tolerance factors like the shift of fiber end position and the tilt of lens.

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Register for our Fiber-Coupling Webinar