Fiber Coupling Lens Design and Tolerance Analysis

In many fiber-optics systems, a customized design of the coupling lens is often required so as to achieve a good fit with the given input field and working distance. VirtualLab Fusion provides not only the tools for the analysis of fiber-coupling efficiency, with the in-built Parametric Optimization function, but also enables an efficient design of the coupling lenses. In fiber optics, it is also known that coupling efficiency may be sensitive to e.g. misalignment of the components in the system. With the Parameter Run in VirtualLab Fusion, one can conveniently perform a tolerance analysis of such fiber-coupling systems and investigate the influence of different parameters.

Parametric Optimization of Fiber-Coupling Lenses

We present the design of a fiber-coupling lens with conical surface, for the purpose of efficient light coupling into a single-mode fiber, using parametric optimization in VirtualLab Fusion.

Tolerance Analysis of a Fiber-Coupling Setup

In a fiber-coupling optical setup, the coupling efficiency is analyzed with respect to different tolerance factors like the shift of the position of the fiber end and the tilt of lens.

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Download free trial version