F-Theta Scanning Lens

F-Theta lenses are often employed in high-performance laser scanning systems. They are designed to produce focal spots whose lateral displacement depends linearly on the scanning angle, a property which is typically required in e.g. laser material processing applications. In VirtualLab Fusion, we provide a scanning source for such scenarios, and with different field solvers used in connection, the performance of such scanning lens systems can be evaluated conveniently.

Evaluation of an F-Theta Scanning Lens

With the scanning source in VirtualLab Fusion, we analyze the performance of an F-Theta lens, by measuring the deviation of the focal spot position and the spot size for different scan angles.

How to Set Up A Scanning Source

The scanning source in VirtualLab Fusion defines a multi-mode source that radiates into several pre-defined directions, which is of help for e.g. the modeling and evaluation of a laser scanning system.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version