EOS Topical Meeting on Diffrative Optics

Jena, Germany | 16. – 19. September

Welcome to the Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics 2019 in Jena!

This topical meeting series on diffractive optics was established in 1995, with the inaugural meeting in Prague. The series continued with meetings in Savonlinna (1997), Jena (1999) and so on. Recently, it was re-established with the first gathering in Joensuu in 2017 and the second to be organized in Jena in September 2019.

Jena, the city of light, is often called the cradle of the optics industry in Europe, and the success story of this city began with Carl Zeiss, Ernst Abbe, and later Otto Schott. Since then, Jena has become an optics research center in Europe. Nowadays, with two universities, associated research institutions and local industries, Jena serves as a perfect location for optics study, research, as well as for meeting and business.

We look forward welcoming you to Jena, the City of Light!

Don't miss the chance to present your current research during EOS Diffrative Optics 2019. Abstract Submission deadline is 31.05.2019. Authors are requested to submit a two-page abstract, which is formatted according to the EOS abstract guidelines.

Submit your paper now!

Submit your paper now!