Design of Refractive Beam Shapers

Refractive beam shapers are of great help in several laser-related applications. For example, in material processing, laser beams are often required to have uniform distributions (like top-hat) on the target plane.

In VirtualLab, refractive beam shapers can be designed with a user-friendly workflow, and the design results can be exported directly in those formats most commonly used for fabrication.

Design of a Refractive Beam Shaper to Generate a Circular Top-Hat

With the user-friendly design tools in VirtualLab, a refractive beam shaper for transforming a fundamental Gaussian beam into top-hat profile is designed and analyzed.

Export of Fabrication Data

VirtualLab can export smooth and quantized interfaces, as well as mirror/prism/grating cells arrays into various file formats, e.g., STL and GDSII.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version