Design and Analysis of Laser Systems

Lasers and laser systems play an indispensable role in modern life. They can be found in various applications such as laser material processing, metrology, monitoring, lighting, and so on. Physical-optics based modeling techniques are necessary for the successful design and analysis of a laser system. With its second-generation field tracing technique, VirtualLab constitutes a suitable tool to perform an efficient evaluation of laser systems. We demonstrate, as examples, the collimation of a laser diode with astigmatism and a laser scanning system.

Collimation of Astigmatic Diode Laser Beam by Objective Lens

High-power laser diodes often exhibit asymmetric divergence and astigmatism. The collimation of such a laser diode is investigated with both ray and field tracing.

Performance Analysis of Laser Scanning System

A scanning system consisting of a dual-axis galvanometer and an aspherical focusing lens is modelled, with the rotation of the mirrors taken into account in the simulation, as is required in the practical case.

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