Demonstrating Abbe’s Resolution Theory

How to resolve better is one of the most important, and most prevalent, question in optics. Ernst Abbe gave his explanation on resolution in 1873 and his theory has played a role to this day. As was done first by Abbe, and then by many other scientists in their labs, we will demonstrate the theory of resolution in VirtualLab Fusion. Thanks to the grating component released in version 2020.1, we build up an imaging system with real chromium gratings as the object, and demonstrate the image formation throughout the system.

Demonstration of Abbe’s Theory of Image Formation

We build up an imaging system, use metal-grid gratings as the test objects, and demonstrate Abbe’s theory on image formation with VirtualLab Fusion.

Modeling of Gratings within Optical System – Discussion at Examples

With the help of typical examples, we explain how to model gratings within systems and discuss topics like alignment of gratings, grating order selection, and angular response setting.

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