Demonstrating a Flash LiDAR

In recent years, LiDAR (light detecting and ranging) technology has started to play a role in consumer optics products. Particularly, the flash LiDAR solution – in a solid-state design – fits well to the design of modern smart devices, like the iPhone 12 from Apple, and their iPad Pro products. Such optical devices often consist of both lenses and diffractive optics elements. We build a flash LiDAR system with an array of source via the programmable Parameter Run in VirtualLab Fusion, and we analyze its working principle in both the spatial and the spatial frequency domains.

Demonstrating the Working Principle of Flash LiDAR

A flash LiDAR system, consisting of an array of sources, collimation lens system, and diffractive grating, is constructed, and its working principle is shown in both the spatial and the spatial frequency domains.

Application of the Programmable Mode of a Parameter Run

In VirtualLab Fusion, the variation of parameters in an optical system is freely customizable using the programmable mode of the Parameter Run feature. We use a specific example to illustrate the application of this programmable mode.

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