Customize VirtualLab Fusion to Fit Your Needs!

We would like to provide full flexibility in VirtualLab Fusion so as to be able to meet the specific needs of the wide range of modeling or design tasks that can be tackled with the software. This versatility can be realized with various types of programmable elements in VirtualLab Fusion, from source to detectors, through components, and many more. Here we demonstrate two examples: a customized analyzer and a module. In the first example, a programmable grating analyzer is used to read and display specific grating diffraction properties for further analysis; the second example shows how to control an IFTA design via a customized module, avoiding the graphical user interface of the software.

Programmable Grating Analyzer

We show how to use a Programmable Grating Analyzer to access the grating diffraction information, to display it, and to use it for further analysis or optimization.

Programming of a Module for Executing an IFTA Design

This example shows how to use a customized C# module to execute an IFTA design in VirtualLab Fusion.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version