Format & Customization of Simulation Results

While providing handy tools to enable the user to obtain fast and accurate results for a desired optical task is the main purpose of any optical simulation software, the value of a versatile post processing capabilities should not be underestimated. The customization of the appearance of the resulting data enables to either fit specific requirements for a publication in a journal or kind of reports, but moreover to emphasize and highlight interesting and crucial aspects of the results.

In the selected Use Cases, different options for the customization of detector results and the appearance of VirtualLab Fusion in general are presented.

How to Format VirtualLab Fusion Results

This Use Case demonstrate how to customize and format a detector result according to personal favor or specific requirements of a report or publication template.

Visualization Settings in VirtualLab Fusion

This document illustrates the usage of the global options to personalize the view settings of VirtualLab Fusion.

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Meet us at SPIE Photonics Europe