Customizable Parameter Run and Parameter Coupling

To evaluate the actual performance of an optical system often requires the inclusion of complex real-world parameters like fabrication errors, misalignment, and even thermal/vibrational perturbances.

The Parameter Run in VirtualLab Fusion allows for the definition of such parameters in a completely customizable manner according to each specific case. Moreover, optical parameters may mutually influence each other, so that they do not change independently, but in a coupled way. VirtualLab also provides a customizable Parameter Coupling for the definition of any coupled parameters in the system.

Application of the Programmable Mode of a Parameter Run

In VirtualLab, the variation of parameters in an optical system is freely customizable using the programmable mode of the Parameter Run feature. We use a specific example to illustrate the application of this programmable mode.

Coupling of Parameters in VirtualLab Fusion

The Parameter Coupling feature of VirtualLab can be used to define the coupling of different parameters in an arbitrary optical setup, which helps create complex relations of these parameters.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version