Cross-platform Optical Modeling and Design

The physical optics software VirtualLab Fusion is constructed as a platform to combine different in-built and customized field solvers to enable fast physical-optics simulation and design with ray tracing naturally embedded. This multi-solver concept is complemented by the possibility to use a cross-platform approach, where VirtualLab Fusion is accessed externally. In two examples we demonstrate an interaction with Matlab and Python. In this way, tools and algorithms from other programs or programming languages can be used to extend the options for simulation, optimization, design and post-processing.

Cross-Platform Simulation VLF and Python

We demonstrate how to use Python to access the field solvers in VirtualLab Fusion, and use them together with Python functions for further analysis.

Cross-Platform Simulation VLF and MATLAB

VirtualLab Fusion and its field solvers can be accessed using MATLAB as well. Examples on using MATLAB and VirtualLab Fusion together for grating analysis and optimization are demonstrated.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version