Construction and Modelling of Graded-Index Media

Graded-index, or GRIN, media are employed in optics to construct, among other components, lenses and multimode fibers. In VirtualLab you can easily choose to GRIN media as part of your optical system, as it includes a fast and accurate modeling technique accompanied by a user-friendly interface that makes setting up the GRIN component a really easy task.

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Construction and Modeling of Graded-Index (GRIN) Lens

VirtualLab allows the specification of a graded-index lens in a very user-friendly way. In addition such index-modulated lenses can be analyzed by ray tracing as well as field tracing.

Modeling of Graded-Index (GRIN) Multimode Fiber

A fast approach for light propagation through a GRIN medium, including the polarization crosstalk effect, is implemented, and its validity and advantages are shown in comparison with rigorous solver.

Download free trial version

Download free trial version