Connecting Field Solvers demonstrated at Examples in VirtualLab Fusion

In modern optical systems very different kinds of elements are used in order to push the limits of our manipulation of light further and further. New elements are developed and traditional devices are steadily improved to obtain the desired functionality and performance, which not seldom increases the level of complexity of these components and the entire systems. VirtualLab Fusion with its fast physical-optics technology, that is based on the flexible and automatic connection of different field solvers, allows for an accurate modeling of your optical system and enables the detailed analysis of relevant effects.

Modeling of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Prism

The modeling of a total-internal reflection (TIR) prism is presented. The device consists of two parts joined together. It is demonstrated how the resulting narrow gap introduces interference fringes and vignetting effects.

Modeling of GRIN lens

Graded-index (GRIN) media, with their smooth variation of the refractive index, can be used to reduce aberrations. VirtualLab Fusion’s Field Tracing technology provides a full physical-optics modeling for the light propagation through GRIN media. 

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