Blazed Metagrating Design

Metagratings and more general metasurfaces are starting to draw ever more attention in different applications. They are known for maintaining a high diffraction efficiency in non-paraxial situations. Polarization-insensitive designs are possible with an appropriate selection of the types of nanopillars as the unit cells for the metagrating. Following the work of P. Lalanne et al. – pioneers in the field of metasurface research – we construct a blazed metagrating and optimize it in VirtualLab Fusion.

Modeling and Design of Blazed Metagratings

We design and construct a blazed metagrating using square nanopillars, analyze its polarization-dependent diffraction efficiency, and further optimize it, all in VirtualLab Fusion.

Metagrating Construction – Discussion at Examples

Based on selected examples, we show how to construct and configure metagrating structures and materials in VirtualLab Fusion.

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