Birefringence Effects on Curved Surfaces

In order to provide additional design freedom in terms of polarization control and multiplexing, in many applications anisotropic layers are attached to the surfaces of optical components.

As the birefringence effect depends strongly on the orientation of the crystal axis with respect to the direction of the incoming light, the discussion of such kind of components is especially interesting when the coating is applied to a curved surface.

Simulation and Analyzation of Anisotropic Coatings

This use case introduces the feature of adding anisotropic coatings on surfaces and investigates the polarization conversion of a lambda/4 coating on a plane surface and a curved surface, respectively.

Birefringence Effect of Anisotropic Calcite Crystal

This use case demonstrates the simulation of birefringence with VirtualLab Fusion and investigates the dependence of the effect on input polarization and crystal thickness.

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Check out our new Whitepapers and Technical Information