Bessel Beam Generation

Bessel beams, because of their unique property of a tight longitudinal focus, are found useful for material processing, optical tweezing, and other applications. In VirtualLab Fusion, we demonstrate the generation of such beams. In the first example, a holographic optical element (HOE) is designed to convert the output of a fiber into a Bessel beam directly; the second example investigates the effect from the round-tip of the axicon on the generated Bessel beams.

Bessel Beam Generation behind a Fiber with an HOE

We use an HOE that combines the lens and axicon function to generate a Bessel beam from the output of a single-mode fiber.

Modeling of Bessel Beam Generation from Axicon with Round Tip

We model the generation of Bessel beams with an axicon which exhibits a rounded tip and investigate how the roundness of the tip may influence the Bessel beam evolution.

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