Beam Clean-Up

It is often important to ensure good beam quality for many laser-based optical experiments and applications. Laser beams, in reality, may contain higher-order modes or exhibit wavefront perturbation, and consequently need to be cleaned up. A typical method is to use a spatial filtering setup, with two lenses and a pinhole in the intermediate focal plane, i.e. the Fourier plane. We build up such a spatial filtering setup and check how the pinhole size influences the output beam quality and power.

Beam Clean Up by Spatial Filtering

A spatial filtering system with a pinhole is modeled in VirtualLab Fusion. We demonstrate how the opening of the pinhole influences the output beam quality.

Fourier Transform Settings at Examples

As one of the most fundamental technologies in VirtualLab Fusion, Fourier transforms connect the space and spatial frequency domains. We discuss the Fourier transform settings at different examples and show the consequences.

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