Automatize Your Simulation Tasks

For the analysis of modern optical devices and systems, engineers often need to execute a large amount of simulations to gather and sort the results, so as to fully study the optical design. To assist with such tasks, VirtualLab Fusion provides a flexible inbuilt programming language, which allows, for example, for the automatic saving of the simulation results. Moreover, it is possible to access VirtualLab Fusion simulations externally (via MATLAB or Python), giving you the full possibility to further analyze the simulation results.

Cross-Platform Optical Modeling and Design with VirtualLab Fusion and MATLAB

We demonstrate how to use MATLAB to access the field solvers in VirtualLab Fusion and use them together with MATLAB functions for analysis and optimization.  

Programming a Detector to Save Fields Automatically

A Programmable Detector is constructed for saving a light distribution (harmonic fields set) to the desired file path on the hard disk.

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Request Your Free Trial Version