Anti-Reflective Moth-Eye Structures

Inspired by certain moth and butterfly species, biomimetic moth-eye anti-reflection (AR) structures have been fabricated and used for a wide range of applications. Such structures can be modeled by assuming arrays of truncated cones with dimensions smaller than the wavelength of the light. VirtualLab Fusion provides convenient tools for constructing them, and the rigorous Fourier modal method (FMM) for their analysis. A typical workflow on the analysis and optimization of moth-eye structures is demonstrated.

Rigorous Analysis and Design of Anti-Reflective Moth-Eye Structures

Analysis and Design of AR Moth-Eye in optical design sofware
The results of an rigorous analysis and design of an AR Moth-Eye structure is shown including an parametric optimization by downhill simplex method, showing even the final design parameter optimized with the optical design software VirtualLab Fusion.

With the Fourier modal method and the parametric optimization in VirtualLab Fusion, we demonstrate the analysis and design of anti-reflective moth-eye structures.

Configuration of Grating Structures with 2D Periodicity

In VirtualLab Fusion, complex 3D grating structures can be configured using stacks. This use case is focused on the configuration of grating structures which exhibit two-dimensional periodicity.

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