Analyzing Resonant Waveguide Gratings

Resonant waveguide gratings are used for various applications due to their sensitivity to wavelength and polarization. We pick an example from the work of G. Quaranta et al. and analyze its diffraction properties in VirtualLab Fusion. Additionally, we investigate the angular selectivity/sensitivity of the selected resonant waveguide grating, and visualize the diffraction pattern behind it.

Rigorous Analysis of Resonant Waveguide Gratings

We apply the Fourier modal method (FMM / RCWA) within VirtualLab Fusion to analyze resonant waveguide gratings rigorously and demonstrate how to check the resonant effects with focused Gaussian beams.

Modeling of Gratings within Optical System – Discussion at Examples

With the help of typical examples, we explain how to model gratings within systems and discuss topics like alignment of gratings, grating order selection, and angular response setting.

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