Analyzing CMOS Sensor with Microlens on Top

By continuously decreasing the pixel size of CMOS sensors, better and better spatial resolution has been achieved in recent decades, with the tendency expected to continue. This, however, turns the spotlight onto the microlenses sitting on top of each pixel. Can a microlens still focus light as expected when the pixel size edges closer to the wavelength? We investigate this issue with VirtualLab Fusion at selected examples.

Analysis of CMOS Sensors with Microlens Array

Using the rigorous FMM/RCWA, we simulate a CMOS sensor with pixel size equal to or below 2 µm, and especially, the effectiveness of the microlenses is investigated.

Configuration of Grating Structures by Using Interfaces

In VirtualLab Fusion, grating structures are configured in a “stack”, which can be constructed with either a sequence of interfaces or special media, depending on the geometry of the grating. In this use case the configuration of grating structures based on interfaces is explained.

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Register for our next webinar on gratings!