Analysis of High-NA Lenses

High-NA (numerical aperture) lenses are typically used in optical microscopy or lithography, among other applications. It is known that the impact of the vectorial nature of electromagnetic fields is not negligible in such situations. A well-known effect that exemplifies the above is the asymmetry exhibited by the focal spot generated by a high-NA lens focusing a linearly polarized circular beam: the focal spot ceases to be circular and appears elongated. We show these effects for specific examples of objective lenses and demonstrate how to analyse focal spots using different detectors in VirtualLab Fusion.

Analyzing High-NA Objective Lens Focusing

High-NA objective lenses are widely used in optical lithography, microscopy, etc. Consideration of the vectorial nature of light in the simulation
of the focusing is of great importance.

Advanced PSF Calculation in a High-NA Lens System

When a linearly polarized Gaussian beam is focused by a high-NA aspheric lens, the PSF in the focal plane shows an asymmetry due to vectorial effects.

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