Afocal Systems for Laser Guide Stars

Laser guide stars – which are artificial “star” images tens of kilometers away – are important for the correction of atmospheric distortions for astronomical telescopes. The size of the star must be carefully controlled, and the slow-diffraction effect must be considered in the design so as to correctly predict the focal spot. We analyze and design such systems in VirtualLab Fusion and show how to configure the Fourier transform settings for such tasks.

Analysis and Design of Afocal Systems for Laser Guide Stars

Within VirtualLab Fusion, we demonstrate how to analyze afocal systems for the generation of laser guide stars, and further optimize the system to control the size of the artificial stars.

Fourier Transform Settings at Examples

As one of the most fundamental technologies in VirtualLab Fusion, Fourier transforms connect the space and spatial frequency domains. We discuss the Fourier transform settings at different examples and show the consequences.

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Register for our Release Webinar!